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On a point of best practice, I've now created a sysvol folder
[\\<domain>\sysvol\<fqdn>\Policies\PolicyDefinitions] where I store all
my current ADM files (including both custom and the latest Microsoft
templates).  This is where Longhorn / Windows Server 2007 will house its
central repository.  


Within this, there will be culture-specific subdirectories for language
independence (e.g. en-gb, en-us, fr-fr, etc.).


Dave Blackshaw

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Just to jump in and add a bit to what Alan said:


ADM files should reside in c:\windows\inf, not c:\windows\system32\inf.
As Alan said, anything you see under c:\windows\system32\grouppolicy
only relates to the local GPO and not domain-based ones. Also, just to
put a fine point on it, by default, when you have GP Editor open and
focused on a GPO (domain-based or local), when you add ADMs using the
Add/Remove Template option, they are automatically copied up to the
SYSVOL portion of the GPO (if it's a domain-based GPO) and so you don't
have to do anything explicit other than add them into GP Editor. If you
wanted to add those ADMs to multiple GPOs at once, you could either
manually copy them up to the SYSVOL portion of the GPO or just bring up
GP Editor on each GPO and add/remove templates for each. 


Of course, all this changes in Vista....




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Hi Robert,


It really isn't that hard to do, but to answer your questions:-


The way I like to do it is to load the ADM templates only into the
Polices that you want to use them in. When you do this, it is placed in
the ADM directory on the sysvol  under the directory tree for that
policy. They are then automatically replicated to all DC's. I also like
to delete those that are not used. 


C:\windows\system32\inf is the location where Microsoft puts all of the
available Templates. When you use GPEdit to set polices on the local
machine, any ADM Template you add is placed in


admfiles.ini. lists the list of ADM Templates that have been loaded,
although I am not sure what the =1 means.


Here are a couple of references that might help...






I can't really help much on what settings to apply... I haven't done it


Alan Cuthbertson



 Policy Management Software:-



ADM Template Editor:-



Policy Log Reporter(Free)







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Hi All,
The painful task of deploying office 2007 has fallen into my lap.

Since a customised GPO deployment is not really supported for Office
2007 I though i would take a look at the adms supplied to see what can
be configured via gpo.

Well it seems as though pretty much most of the options can be
configured post install with a GPO for each program or computer.

My question is this. Since im kinda new to custom loaded adms (other
than the default windows/user ones) - is there a standard for how they
are used? ie do they need to reside in a particular directory? Do people
link them on the fly when creating a new GPO? Do all adms need to copied
out to all DC's?

I have noticed that windows *.adm files reside in the following


there is also a little file called admfiles.ini in the
C:\WINDOWS\system32\GroupPolicy\Adm -> it looks like it contains the
default adms to load for new policies 

I have sucessfully added/linked an office 2007 adm and can see the
configuration options - what things to think about now??

Kind regards
Robert Mariani

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