[gptalk] Re: My Documents folder redirection

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It's been our experience that if the network side of the 'My Documents' folder 
already exists, then the permissions are already configured on that folder (the 
system will not try to 'reset' them afterwards). You'd have to first copy the 
contents elsewhere (Do No Harm), delete the current network side folder 
structure, and then allow the client device to recreate the structure properly. 
If necessary, then again copy (Do No Harm) the contents that were earlier set 
aside into the new folder structure. After the customer was satisfied that the 
data was correctly restored and folder redirection was working properly, THEN 
remove the backed contents of that users data (personally, I'd wait a week 
minimum before cleaning up).

Jerry Cruz | Group Policies Product Manager | Windows Infrastructure 
Architecture | CNO | Boeing IT

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There could be a number of different causes for your problem. Most of the time 
it is how you've setup security on your network share or wherever you're 
redirecting to, and it sounds like it may be the case in your situation. 
Suggest you read the Security Recommendations for Folder 
guidelines on MSDN and make sure you have your root permissions setup 
correctly. There is a ton of other information related to Folder Redirection on 
there as well.

Not sure about your issue regarding redirection when a "My Documents" folder 
already exists, but I wouldn't think that should be a problem. If it is it 
could again be related to security but I'm not positive about that.

Jamie Nelson | Operations Consultant | BI&T Infrastructure-Intel | Devon Energy 
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I am having issues with my testing of my documents folder redirection.  
Everything works if I select the option to grant user exclusive rights to the 
my documents folder.  If I deselect this then the GPO does not work.  Also, if 
there is a my documents folder where the folder is suppose to be relocated then 
it will not apply.  How would you go abouts refreshing PC's if this is the case?

Thanks for all your help


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