[gptalk] Re: My Appreciation

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:48:43 -0700

Jamie and everyone-

Thanks for that and thanks to everyone for participating (and lurking). I
also learn a lot about what people are up to, which I find incredibly
useful. GPOGUY has been up and running now for 3 years and this list for
almost as long. 


A few fun facts-- as of right now we have 302 people subscribed to the
list-literally from all over the world. GPOGUY.COM gets about 2000 visitors
a day, which is pretty good activity overall. The name "gptalk" is actually
the name of Microsoft's internal Group Policy mailing list-which "inspired"
my naming of this list. 


Thanks again to everyone on the list and keep up the great participation!





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I know this isn't GP related, but I wanted to thank all of those who
actively participate on this mailing list as simply reading and helping out
when I can keeps me sharp. I also know I count on you all to provide useful
suggestions when I am in a jam. We truly have a Who's Who of GP ninjas, and
for that we can all be proud.


.And a special thanks to Darren for his initiative, insight, and quickness
to respond. Without him, we might all be lost. J



Jamie Nelson

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