[gptalk] Re: Must run GPUpdate manually on some machines

  • From: "Alan & Margaret" <Syspro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 08:53:50 +1000

Hi Jim,

A good place to start is to activate Detailed logging and look at the UserEnv 
log on the affected machines. There are many possibilities, but the UserEnv 
file will normally have the data hidden there somewhere. Also checkout the 
Event log to see if there are any errors related to Group Policy.

Unfortunately the Userenv log is a little confusing to read directly. I have a 
free utility that you can use that will display it in a more meaningful way. 
http://www.sysprosoft.com/index.php?ref=activedir&f=policyreporter.shtml It 
also allows you to enable logging without trying to find the actual registry 
keys involved. 

If you post the log from an offending machine the experts on this list will do 
the work for you!

 Alan Cuthbertson

 Policy Management Software:-

ADM Template Editor:-
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  I have just subscribed to this listserv.  What a great site so far.  
Hopefully, you all can help me.


  I am the administrator of a 1500 machine network, and I am having trouble 
getting my group policies to take reliably on all machines.  Too often GPUpdate 
/Force must be run on a machine before it will notice that I have implemented 
new policies.  Today I changed from old fashioned logon scripting to OU based 
scripts applied by GP's.  Most of my machines accepted the changes and are 
working perfectly.  But, some simply don't get the changes.  Where should I be 
looking for the cause of this issue?  Could it be related to the fact that my 
WAN is about as flakey as a good pie crust?

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