[gptalk] Multiple issues with GPMC

  • From: "Aaron Rabinowitz" <rabino67@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 08:42:21 -0400

First off my knowledge is limited with GP so any help is greatly
appreciated as I'm already reading up on as much as possible.

there are several problems-
1: the GPMC freezes if I try to view a GPO in teh GPMC, although I am
able to view the links.  but even in the link section I am unable to
view the settings it simply hangs and never comes up with anything -
it does not freeze here though I am able to move away and continue

If I do a gpresult on client machines it shows GP being applied but I
think it is not working correctly - users have reported it taking a
much longer amount of time to sign in then usual.

When I try to open it with dsa.msc properties it states "catastrophic failure"
but then still opens it up. (weird I know but obviously there is
soemthing wrong if its reporting this - I can email pictures if anyone
would like to see exactly what this error looks like)

Some things that may be relavant
---Roaming profiles are implemented
---I am new to this organization and was left with nothing to go by ,
the previous IT guys left me a few IP address with passwords
---While looking through the GPMC ybder the "Domain Controllers" OU
there is a blue (!) and when looking at the properties it has "block
Inheritance" checked off

--- On one server it has Hash values (SID's) instead of users and user names

all ive got now, I'm still palying detective, if you ahve any thoughts
concerns or ideas as well as things I should look for please let me
know.  I believe there is a very serious problem and I'm quite worried
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