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perhaps I misunderstand, but when you say "rename", do you mean like hacking 
the GUID or changing the display name? Because GPOs are not identified to the 
system by (display) name, but rather GUIDs, and just changing the display name 
will not do anything different to your clients.


The by far best method to accomplish the migration of GP settings from a 
testing environment or OU to a live environment, is to set up a programmatic 
process using the GPMC APIs (instead of doing it manually) that you can access 
from for example from VBScript, PowerShell or a regular programming language if 
you prefer that, this way you can move GPOs from test to live really fast and 
reduce the chance of human errors, over and over again. 


Here is the MSDN docs for GPMC:



In this case you  describe you could either manage the links, i.e. remove them 
from the old GPO and add to the new GPO using IGPMGPOLink GPMC interface or 
what is normally the case when moving from  test to live environment, use the 
backup/import methods (this is actually something you can do from the GPMC GUI 
directly if you do not like the more automated approach, select your test GPO, 
right click, back it up and then select your live GPO, right click and do an 
import). Be vary though since that basically means that you will replace all 
the settings in the GPO you import into. It is not possible to only move 
certain settings but rater it is a all or nothing approach. Consider yourself 
warned, I have seen some nasty things in really large environments caused by a 
few, not to well prepared, mouse clicks... The same warning goes for doing it 
using the APIs, but the organizations doing it this way normally have a more 
process oriented way of working with Group Policy.


When the TechNet magazine downloads are uploaded for the May issue, see the 
link below, there is actually a number of GP management samples using 
PowerShell that you can download and one of the functions is named CopyGpo() 
that would fit your needs pretty well.



But if you are still a  VBScript/COM guy, there is actually a WSH script that 
comes with GPMC that does the exact same thing, the script is located here 
%ProgramFiles%\GPMC\Scripts\CopyGPO.wsf (on a computer with GPMC), and is 
pretty straight forward to use.





Thorbjörn Sjövold

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I am trying to identify a good method of moving group policies from a testing 
phase, to a production mode.  I have 50 OU's (offices) and each has a 
"computer" OU.  I have a single GPO called "WiFi Settings" that all 50 are 
linked to.  

I also have a "Test" OU where I am testing a revised policy called "WiFi2 
Settings".  Now that I am done testing the revised policy, and rather than link 
the "WiFi2 Settings" GPO to all 50 production OU's, can I simply disable the 
link to "WiFi Settings", rename it to "WiFi Old", and rename "WiFi2 Settings" 
to "WiFi Settings"?  By the way, this GPO runs a script so there are files 

By renaming the original GPO to "old", and renaming the new one to name all 50 
OU's were originally linked to, will that cause any problems, or is there 
better process?

Thank you, 


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