[gptalk] Re: Moving Test Policies into Production

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 16:09:25 -0800

If the GPOs are already in the destination domain but just are linked to be 
active, then the best way to do this is to use a GPMC script. Are you familiar 
with GPMC scripting? If so, you can use the IGPMSOM.CreateGPOLink to automate 
this for a number of OUs. You can't do this simply by renaming GPOs because the 
link to the OU is keyed off the GPO's GUID, not its Friendly Name. So you have 
to first remove the link to the old GPO (using GPMC's IGPMGPOLink.Delete 
method) and then add the new one.


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Subject: [gptalk] Moving Test Policies into Production

> Hi,
> I am trying to identify a good method of moving group policies from a
> testing phase, to a production mode.  I have 50 OU's (offices) and each
> has a "computer" OU.  I have a single GPO called "WiFi Settings" that
> all 50 are linked to.  
> I also have a "Test" OU where I am testing a revised policy called
> "WiFi2 Settings".  Now that I am done testing the revised policy, and
> rather than link the "WiFi2 Settings" GPO to all 50 production OU's, can
> I simply disable the link to "WiFi Settings", rename it to "WiFi Old",
> and rename "WiFi2 Settings" to "WiFi Settings"?  By the way, this GPO
> runs a script so there are files involved.
> By renaming the original GPO to "old", and renaming the new one to name
> all 50 OU's were originally linked to, will that cause any problems, or
> is there better process?
> Thank you,
> Jack
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