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Hi Ian,


The .Pol file contains registry keys that were created when processing
Administration Templates. If you don't have any Admin Template settings,
then I suspect the file is not created. However, it sounds like you do have
Admin template settings in place.


You said that some settings were enforced. if you remove the registry keys
do they come back again? i.e. It is possible that the keys are in place, but
Group Policy is not being enforced. 


My Policy Log Reporter program (see below) allows you to interpret the
Userenv.Log file, which will give you a clearer picture about what is going
on.  Feel free to enable detailed logging and send me the Userenv log and I
will check it out.


Alan Cuthbertson



 Policy Management Software:-



ADM Template Editor:-



Policy Log Reporter(Free)






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I am a logged in as a domain user on a domain computer where Group Policy is
enforced. However I cannot find the .pol files. 

User -> %UserProfile%/Ntuser.pol 
Computer -> %AllUsersProfile%/Ntuser.pol 

I know that the GP is enforced because my ability to change the desktop, or
set a screensaver, has been disabled (these are some simple examples of GP


According to Microsoft Windows Group Policy Guide (chapter 1 page 5)
%AllUsersProfile%/Ntuser.pol and %UserProfile%/Ntuser.pol should have been


However I can only find NtUser.dat files. How do I get the .pol files?



Ian Sweeney

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