[gptalk] Re: Merging actual applied settings of different policies into one policy.

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If you need to merge settings from, let's say, two sets of Administrative
Template policies, then there is no way to do that without lots of
programming.  If you want to take, say, IE maintenance policy from one GPO
and put it into another one, then that is a little more do-able. Let me know
which your situation is.




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We are building a GPO for a kiosk machine.

This should be a GPO which totally locks down the machine. The machine
should automatically logon with a standard (kiosk) user and Internet
Explorer opened in full screen (as the only application available).


I stumbled on to the following article and the accompanying appendix:






We started testing the above in our test lab. The script that comes with it
creates an OU structure and GPO's linked to them. I am now at home but if I
recall correctly there are infact 3 GPO's that actually apply to the kiosk
machine/user (in a certain order of precedence).


We used group policy modeling to create a report containing the settings
that would actually be applied.  


We would very much like to create (only) 1 GPO, to use in production,
containing these settings. Is there a way to do this? We have tried the
"import settings" feature but this overwrites all other settings and besides
that it is of no real use because it of course doesn't do anything with the
settings that actually apply (taken into account inheritance and precedence







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