[gptalk] Re: MS-supplied templates seem to disappear after new custom template added

  • From: "Darren Mar-Elia" <darren@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 10:29:48 -0700

This happens because, in your custom ADM, you have probably used Category
tags that are the same as the MS ones in the default templates. When you do
that, you basically overwrite the MS ones. If you look at my gpolog.adm,
you'll see how I got around this and was able to embed my logging template
within the existing MS categories by using a different Category tag than
system.adm, but using the same string. 


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Subject: [gptalk] MS-supplied templates seem to disappear after new custom
template added

Can someone please explain to me why the following happens...
(I'm running GPMC 1.0.2 on W2003 SP1)
1 - Via the GPMC I create a new GPO
2 - I look under the Administrative Templates container for both user and
computer and see (what I think are) the MS supplied set of templates
(system, network, printers, unsupported administrative templates) - please
correct me here if I'm wrong. 
3 - I then add a simple .adm of my own under, say, "computer configuration".
4 - It adds OK, but I can no longer see the templates which were previously
displayed under "computer configuration | administrative templates".  Also,
those templates under "user configuration | administrative templates" have
also disappeared. 
Can someone please explain what is going on here?  I reckon I should be able
to add a template alongside other, pre-existing templates...?
Thanks for any help

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