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MSIs are typically cached locally but I am not at a machine to confirm where. 
They are either in per-user or per-computer Temp folder or in 


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I think you may be right as I did try the given steps but couldn't find 
anything of substance...
        most probably applications which are run locally from an MSI are 
stored locally, but those via policy are removed after installation, but 
that doesn't answer             how the application/msi is able to repair.

Yes from gpsi
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[gptalk] Re: Lost MSI

I think MSI?s are packages that extracted first, then the Windows 
Installer service does it?s thing. Once the files are extracted, I believe 
the MSI goes away and the Windows Installer service writes information to 
the registry about the extracted files which then can tell the Windows 
Installer service how to rebuild the package in the event something 
happens. The original source is probably kept on the computer somewhere 
and you maybe able find it by tracing from the registry. Once you find the 
source you would have to use Visual Studio or something to rebuild the MSI 

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