[gptalk] Login scripts and DNS

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 10:23:25 -0400

Any thoughts

I have a login script that is mapping a cname record for a host to a share

The original share is 

The alias is \\server2.domain.com\share<file:///\\server2.domain.com\share>  
pointing to cname \\server1.domain.com\share<file:///\\server1.domain.com\share>

My old drive mapping was
Net use y: \\server1.domain.com\share<file:///\\server1.domain.com\share>

A few weeks ago, I made the change to

Net use y: \\server2.domain.com\share<file:///\\server2.domain.com\share>

Everything seemed to work fine, the drive mapping came up, no problem

For the past few days, the drive letter has not been showing up

I changed it back to

Net use y: \\server1.domain.com\share<file:///\\server1.domain.com\share>  and 
after waiting for the change to replicate and performing a gpupdate on my 
computer, after logging on, the Y drive appears

From my client machine, I can ping both names and using nslookup rgives results 
for both names

Could I be missing something from a group policy side..... No changes that I 
can think of have been made in the past few weeks

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