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Yeah, do that already thanks.


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One problem is just the fact that you may have a lot of GPOs to apply. GPOs
take time to apply. If some of your GPOs are only Computer or User-based,
you can disable the configuration that is not utilized by the GPO for better
performance (i.e. quicker log-in time). For example, if you have a GPO
created with a bunch of computer settings, on the Details tab of the GPO you
can select which part of the GPO to disable; in this case it would be "User
configuration settings disabled". Hope that helps.




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I have a couple of users that have to wait 10-15 minutes when they login
while GPOs are being deployed. If I move their laptops to a Test OU the
problem disappears. If I block inheritance on the existing OU the problem
disappears. I have therefore made the assumption that the problem is being
caused by one of the GPOs that is being inherited from an OU above. When
logging on their screen stays on Applying Computer Settings for the majority
of the time it takes to login.  I have assigned all the GPOs that they
usually run to a test OU and have been disabling them one at a time to try
to find the offending GPO. Is there a quicker way of finding out which GPO
is causing the problem? 




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