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  • Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:22:57 -0400

Input much appreciated guys.


Thank you



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How about you turn on GP processing logging and use Policy Reporter to
try to pinpoint the problem? You can find detailed instructions at






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Subject: [gptalk] Login Delay


Users are experiencing some login delays. Using GPTime tools to try and
determine if a GPO is responsible for the delay. Below is the
information I get from GPtime:

Computer Group Policy processing cycle:

STARTED: 8:5:30 on 9/8/2006

FINISHED: 8:7:38 on 9/8/2006

Total elapsed processing time: 0 hours, 2 minutes, 7 seconds and 492

Users are not using roaming profiles. Average profile size is 500MB to
1.5GB.  Is two minutes a long time to process the policies or is this a
normal time? If long do you have any suggestions on how to identify the
setting or policy that might be causing the delay?

Thank you

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