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Hi Bill,


It should work the way you are suggesting, however I am guessing that you
are using loop back processing and that this is being set in the same
policy. If you remove Authenticated Users from the policy then the machine
setting to enable loop back policy will also be removed.


Your first suggestion of putting "deny" on the policy for ADMINS should
work....  assuming you are talking about the policy that contains the actual
user settings rather than the loopback enable setting.


Hope this helps. 



Alan Cuthbertson



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A TS policy only works for me if it is applied to the Authenticated

Users group, but this applies the policy to all users, including

administrators, even if I have admins set to deny applying policy. If I

apply the group policy to another group, TS_App_Users, and remove

Authenticated users or even just uncheck Apply Policy under

Authenticated Users, then it won't get applied at all. How is this

supposed to work? 





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