[gptalk] Local Group Policy Editor - Security Settings Categories

  • From: "Konopka, Stefan" <Stefan.Konopka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 14:59:26 -0400

When I create a security template on my Windows XP Pro client for either
a domain-based GPO or local GPO, there appears 7 categories to
configure: account policies, local policies, event log, restricted
groups, system services, registry, and file system.  When I open up a
domain-based GPO via the group policy object editor / management
console, all 7 categories & others appear under computer
configuration\windows settings\security settings.  But if I open up the
local group policy object on my computer using "gpedit.msc" or mmc,
Group Policy snap-in, and local computer policy, only 2 (account
policies, local policies) of the 7 categories appear.  Why doesn't the
other 5 categories appears like it does for a domain-based group policy?
I also have an additional 3 categories: public key policies, software
restriction policies, IP security policies on local computer.  I have
tried to check the snap-in extensions and they are all loaded.  This
happens consistently when viewing any Windows XP Pro local group policy.


What impact does this have if I choose the "Import Policy" option when
Right Clicking on Security Settings in the local group policy and import
a security template with all 7 categories configured?  I know that
importing the security template with "secedit" will apply all


Why the difference in 

Stefan Konopka

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