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I had this very same problem some time back and got around it by...


*         Create a BAT File and include the following line: NET USER
Administrator %1

*         Save File in a read shared folder - i.e. \\yourDC\NETLOGON 

*         Create a GPO Start-up script pointing to your new file - i.e.

*         Under Script Parameters, put the password you want the clients to
use (see attached screen shot) - SAVE.


You're done, when the client's restart, the new password will be assigned.




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I am needing to change a small office's local administrator password.  I'd
prefer not to touch all 30 workstations to do this.  I thought I read at one
point that this could be automated through a logon script.  Is there a
better way to do this?  Maybe through a Group Policy?


Servers are running Windows 2003.

Workstations are Windows XP.






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