[gptalk] Re: KB888254: Folder Redirection and Internet Explorer Maintenance

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It's my experience that the hotfix is not the entire solution and I
never recommend it.


In my current company, we have successfully managed to get both working
concurrently if we don't try Application Data redirection, but even that
isn't 100% proven.


I always script the IE settings instead and just do folder redirection
with GPO.  I'm more than willing to provide any assistance with a


Dave Blackshaw


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I am trying to apply both Folder Redirection and Internet Explorer
Maintenance policies on my Windows XP SP2 clients.  The Internet
settings are not being applied.  I read in the KB 888254 that there is
conflict between applying both policies together.  I've read mixed
reviews whether or not the hotfix from Microsoft works (iedkcs32.dll,
plus some registry entries).  Is that the best solution or is there an
alternative solution?  If the hotfix is still the best solution, must I
go through Microsoft to obtain it, or is it available elsewhere?  Is it
included with any other hotfixes/updates?


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Bob Ghinder


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