[gptalk] Re: Internet Explorer Processing Issues - automatic configuration script

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I have had this just once in a very odd situation.

Possibly it helps you:






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If you have a GPO that is turning off NoGPOListChanges (by setting it to 1)
then you should see that in GPResults. You can also try downloading and
running my GPExpert Health Reporter product
(www.sdmsoftware.com/products.php) against that system, which will tell you
if that option is set on a given machine for a CSE ( among other things).





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configuration script 


I have an issue where my automatic configuration script does not reset after
the given period of time within the GPO. 




The GPO is not in Preference mode as I understand if it was the policy or
the settings would never reset. In the policy also under the Computer
Configuration portion of this GPO I have the options set to Process even if
the Group Policy objects have not changed ; still the settings do not revert
back if a users changes them, unless the users reboots their machine or does
a manual GPO refresh. I have ~ 20 other GPO, this one is not processed first
[I do not believe]. Also, I looked at the NoGPOListChanges within the
registry on a few machines within the same OU that they GPO is applied. The
key is set to "1' which I understand to mean this option is turned off. 


So my question if this key needs to be turned on (set to "0") and I did this
within one (this particular GPO for IE) are my other GPO turning this option
off  which in turn making this option not work? How can I ensure this option
is turned on and stays on? Also, am I correct in saying this option needs to
be turned on? Am I missing something else within my GPO that would not make
this GPO force the change to the automatic configuration script?


Thanks in advance for the help.











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