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If this is a computer based deployment, here is a neat little trick to check if 
this is permission problem:
1) Log on as an administrator on a computer where you have the problem.
2) Start a Command Prompt
3) Run the command "AT <A time close to now> /Interactive cmd.exe"
4) When the jobs runs a new command prompt will pop up where you are actually 
running with the security credentials as the System, i.e. the computer account.
5) Try to access the path where your files are located using for example DIR 
from the new command prompt. If you get an Access Denied here then you know it 
is a permission problem.
Observe that this will not work in Vista due to all services and the system 
itself now have their Windows Stations in Session 0 and we mortals do not :)
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This is a common problem I see and I'll be darned if I can find a common 
thread. But, some things to check. If you are deploying per-computer, try 
granting the Domain Computers group explicit read access to these shares and 
files. I know that it shouldn't matter if you already have the Everyone group 
but I have seen this help. 2nd thing-if the servers are 2003, SP1, there may be 
some SMB signing going on that the clients can't handle. Make sure that your 
security settings on the servers don't require SMB signing or that your clients 
are set to respond to it. 


Those are the two things that come to mind right away. Let us know if neither 




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We have a medium sized Active Directory that has been in place for about 3 yrs, 
apart from the deployment of the Office Suite against the "domain policy" we 
have OU's that represent each group of machines and in turn we have associated 
applications for each department trying to install from these OU's. The office 
installation succeeds by the way.


However it has come to light that these other apps fail to be deployed 
successfully, the LOG entry says that the "source installation file is not 


So we see that when we reboot a client workstation it says that it is 
installing the required application, it all appears to go through ok, the log 
in box finally appears, but yet the deployed application has not been installed.


The source files are available at the share location, and all security and 
rights are available to everyone as read only.


Any pointers as to why the apps are failing to deploy would be a huge help, 
thanks in advance.


Craig Judd

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