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Actually I made these settings on a Windows2003 server, at the initial
time of the settings the server did not have IE 7, but I went back and
updated it to IE 7 and Windows Server Service Pack 2; I went back into
the GPO to see if any of the settings had changed, but I could not see a
difference. If you have any ideas, I'd really appreciated it. Thanks!!


PS. We do not have any VISTA machines in the district as of yet.



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I have heard some rumblings that there are issues with IE Maintenance
and IE 7 if you are setting IE Maintenance policy from "downlevel" OS'.
Are you setting this from a XP machine or a Vista machine? If XP, you
might try setting it from a Vista machine if you have one (in a test
scenario of course) and see if it functions any better.





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I have a question about the GPO on Internet Explorer 7. I created a GPO
for certain users to block the usage of the Internet and for those
machines that have IE 6 it works fine, but for those computers that have
upgraded to IE 7 it doesn't. I had gone into the User Configuration;
Windows Settings; Internet Explorer Maintenance; Connection; Proxy
Settings and placed a bogus proxy, but for some reason in IE 7 it
bypasses those settings and goes through. How can I resolve this issue?


Any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Freddy Ramos

Edinburg CISD

ILS Computer Specialist

(956) 289-2325 x3015




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