[gptalk] Re: IE Browser Settings - something is wrong?!?!

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Not that I have found so far. The only scripts that they had when I got here 
were for login for mapped drives. Nothing in there for IE settings. I did find 
a different place (acutally a few) where they were/are setting the detect 
settings but still haven't found where proxy is being set at. 
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  Do you maybe have a script or something that is setting it?


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  I have a random issue that I can't seem to get to the bottom of, I am still 
cleaning up all the GPs that I inherited with my job....


  The problem is randomly I will get a call from a user that they can not surf 
the internet. When either I VNC or actually stop at their desk and look around 
there is 99% of the time proxy information inside of IE. It is also usually set 
to Detect settings. 


  I started toying with Group Policy Results for a couple of the users. I found 
the following. That supposedly the GP for setting a domain wide screensaver 
(yeah I know its spelled wrong, just haven't taken the time to fix the previous 
mistake). But in looking at that GP there is no IE settings that show up at 


  I also can't seem to find where the lower part of that window would be set. I 
have printed out all our GPs and none of them list proxy information, but 
somehow they are getting it. I can remove it and the user works fine, but then 
they will call again later (can be days or weeks) and the same thing is back. 


  Any thoughts? 





  Connection/Automatic Browser Configuration

       Winning GPO
        Automatically detect configuration settings    
        Automatic Browser Configuration
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