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I think you were close when you were using Win32_Battery. That is the one
thing that you can reliably say that laptops have, but desktops don't. So,
have you tried the following:


Select * from Win32_Battery


Just that. Nothing else. What that does is determine if there are any
instances of that class. If not (i.e., on a desktop machine) it returns
false. If so, on a laptop, it returns true. 


Waddya think?




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Hi all,


I'm in desperate need of *the perfect WMI filter for spotting DESKTOP
computers only* - have been thinking about this for some days now.


I've been around solutions looking for ChassisType before - which basically
doesn't work because that's an Array. Have tried PowerSupplyState,
DesktopMonitor, DisplayConfiguration and others - just haven't found the
perfect "this is definitely a desktop WMI value"...


I've also been around using Battery/PortableBattery
/PCMCIAController/POTSModem - which all work fine to spot LAPTOPS...
However, desktops don't know the CLASS at all, so they return FALSE no
matter what. I can't even say things like "Select * From Win32_Battery Where
Availability != 2" or "Where Not X Like Y" or whatever - a desktop doesn't
handle the Win32_Battery class at all, so it's gonna say "Heck, I don't know
anything about that class *Panic* - I'm out!" - or just "False" J.


The thing is, that normally it's the LAPTOPS that have special hardware -
like Batteries and built-in Modems, PCMCIA slots etc. - so they are pretty
easy to find. With desktop computers it's another story for my part - hope
you can help me out here.


Please - I know lot's of "workarounds", but what I need is a *WMI filter*
and it has to return *TRUE* for *DESKTOPS* (or let's call the NON-LAPTOPS,
it doesn't matter). Also, if the customer had used computer names like
"DESKxxx" for desktops and "LAPTxxx" for laptops, I know I could have used
WMI filters for computer name - but unfortunately that's not the case. You
could say I'm looking for a global solution for spotting DESKTOPS using WMI
filter - I know lots of cases where this could come in handy.



Hope to hear from you soon! J



Best regards
Jakob H. Heidelberg


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