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Hi Craig,


You should find the "Remove Logoff on the Start Menu" under User
Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar


This is from the PolicySettings spreadsheet which you can download from


"Removes the Log Off <username> item from the Start menu and prevents
users from restoring it.  If you enable this setting, the Log Off
<username> item does not appear in the Start menu. This setting also
removes the Display Logoff item from Start Menu Options. As a result,
users cannot restore the Log Off <username> item to the Start Menu.  If
you disable this setting or do not configure it, users can use the
Display Logoff item to add and remove the Log Off item.  This setting
affects the Start menu only. It does not affect the Log Off item on the
Windows Security dialog box that appears when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del,
and it does not prevent users from using other methods to log off.  Tip:
To add or remove the Log Off item on a computer, click Start, click
Settings, click Taskbar and Start Menu, click the Start Menu Options tab
and, in the Start Menu Settings box, click Display Logoff.  See also:
Remove Logoff in User Configuration\Administrative


Hope this helps.



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Hi all
There is a need on certain XP desktops that the users shouldn't be able
to Log Off from the profile.they can lock the pc if they want to yes.
Where in gpedit.msc do i hide the Logg Off button from the start menu?
Thanks in advance

Craig Meyer 




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