[gptalk] Re: How to: Pass GP logon scripts upon VN connection? Looks like CMAK is the way to go!

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Omar, - I'm definitely going to look into CMAK.  It looks like the best
way to go.  Thanks for the tip! 

I'm now reviewing
I'll be basing my focus on your comment:  " run script after connection
is what you are looking for. when you get to that page just upload your
script into the wizard and when you complete the wizard you will have a
executable that you can then distribute to your clients" 

Mark Mills
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Yeah I was thinking that the gpupdate would not run the logon script- I
waiting to see if Darren chimed in on that one. In that case you would
have to put the drive mapping commands in the script that runs after

Mark, You can install the CMAK anywhere and when it completes just
browse to
the cmak directory under program files and find your VPN executable.

I know it can be a pain to have to give users a file to install instead
just a documented process but the script thing is so easy with the CMAK.


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