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Hi Ranjan,


It’s a long time since I have worked in a non-domain area, but I suspect the 
answer depends on several things such as:-


*          Do you trust the user to not try and circumvent what you are doing

*          Do you want to do different things on different machines

*          Can you easily visit each machine

*          How much effort are you willing to put in up front


Probably the easiest way is to write a script that runs from the startup 
folder. However, if you want to go beyond just adding registry keys and setting 
security, using Local Group Policy may be the go, but it is rather tedious 
manually running Local Group Policy on each machines. You can write code to 
configure Local Group Policy, but that is a lot of up front work. You mention 
ADM files. They are really a component within Local Group Policy and so are not 
really relevant.


If you are setting security, you may need to run it in the Machine context 
rather than the user context. This means that you need to run the script at 
machine start time not logon time. This can be done from Local Group Policy, 
but requires some programming work unless you manually set it up on each 


Hope that helps…


Alan Cuthbertson



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Hello Everyone ,






Our Client having 100 + server in workgroup (Mixed OS 2000 and 2003 Servers)  
and  would like to apply  policy (As per CIS benchmark )using any method   .And 
also need to add additional registry entry and secure the permission for 
registry key.




I want know in which  is best method to apply poliocy ? .


Using Script/ Local POlicy editor/ADM file ?




And how to proceed and looking forward to hearing from you.




Type of servers in workgroup.




1.Applictaion Server


2.Web Server


3.SQL DB server








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