[gptalk] Re: How do admin access CP on the users profile

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Not sure if you had a response for this, when iv needed to access items 
from the contol panel when logged in as a user when the items have been 
restricted namely add remove programs - I create a shortcut to the item ie 
appwiz.cpl on the desktop and then right click the icon and select 'run 
as' and enter my admin credentails.

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Craig Meyer <craigmeyer8@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
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[gptalk] How do admin access CP on the users profile

Hi all
I have a GPO that prevents access to certain things on the users 
workstations. For example their printers, control panel, etc, etc. I have 
excluded the admins from the GPO so if someone logs onto the pc with admin 
rights the GPO doesn't apply anymore.
My problem is this : One of my technicians worked on the users profile (no 
admin rights) and deleted her outlook profile from within outlook 2003.Now 
in Outlook you cannot add a exchange account without going to the CP, 
which is the problem as the tecnician can't access the CP because he is on 
the users profile. Logging on as the admin won't help either as outlook 
need to be setup on the users profile.
1. What do i do?
2. Is there any way that i can restrict things for the users but the 
admins can access it (for example printers) without having to log off and 
on again.

Craig Meyer 

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