[gptalk] Re: How big is your SYSVOL?

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 i manage a company single-handedly with 60.000+ users and workstations and 
8000+ servers. i have about 100 gpo's per domain, 7 domains per forest

My production forest user domain has a sysvol of  3.57 megabyte!! , The 
resource domain (machines) sysvol is only 2.1 megabyte.


I would really only use 1 small team at maximum for your gpo administration 
with 1 responsible that acts as a moderator and manages all of the settings, 
requests etc..
I guess that you have a lot of overrides in your settings as well as custom 

. Furthermore if you're doing software installation all the software should be 
on a seperate file server share , and not in the sysvol!!


By the way , i'm always for hire if you need a good GPO admin ;-)

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Having recently become aware of the "sysvol bloat" phenomenon, I've done
a bit of reading on the subject.  I looked at the size of our sysvol
directory and found that it is a whopping 4.6GB! We have a single forest
with only one site and domain so thus far this hasn't proved to be a
problem (that I'm aware of!)  I'm taking steps to clean this up but
because of our model with many, many OU admins doing their own things,
it's a bit crazy.
Out of curiosity, how big is your sysvol?  :)

And a bonus question:  when a GPO is deleted through the GPMC, does the
corresponding GPT folder in sysvol get removed at some point?  About 30
minutes ago I deleted a GPO but the GPT is still present.

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