[gptalk] Having 1 central user to administer workstations

  • From: "Craig Meyer" <craigmeyer8@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 13:18:34 +0200

Hi all

Please help me in my first post. I'm a newbie in GPO's so please don't scream at me :-(

I have created one user account called "Support". the reason for this is because the junior technicians in my company came and goes and i want to create ONE account so that they would be able to use the same account to work on all the workstations in the network. This "Support" acccount i want to give admin rights when someone logs onto the workstations so that they will be able to install, administrate the workstations.

I want to do this through a GPO please. In the meanwhile i have done the following. I have created a GPO called "MakeJuniorTechAdminonWorkstations" (what a name  - haha) and i have created a New OU > called it "Support" and in that OU i have created a user called "Support" which has normal domain user rights. Can some one help me from here please to accomplish my task????Please?????

Do i now right-click the "Support" OU and select "Create and link a GPO here" or where from here - Thanks for the help everyone

Craig Meyer

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