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In my experience, the RunDiagnosticGlobal doesn't really work anymore (I
think post-Win2k). I think RunDiagnosticGroupPolicy is really all you need.
I expose that, and all the other ones in my gpolog.adm. 


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Also, you can enable these registry values for troubleshooting specifically,
all events get logged in the event viewer.

The link for the complete document :


I believe it holds good for XP machines also.


An excerpt related that from the document,


Configuring Troubleshooting Options

You can add verbose logging to a number of events trapped by Windows 2000.
Verbose logging means that Windows 2000 presents more than the normal amount
of information. The details logged are stored in the event logs, which are
accessible via the Event Viewer. You can specify verbose logging
individually for the three different types of events, or you can make one
Registry change that specifies verbose logging for all. Table 6-1 shows the
types of events that can be logged with extra detail. The table also shows
the entry whose value should be set to 1 to enable verbose logging. 

Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Diagnostics
Data Type: REG_DWORD

Table 6-1 Event Logging Keys

Logging Option


Verbose log all types of events


Verbose log group policy events only


Verbose log remote boot events


Verbose log group policy events for application installations



~ Bala

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Hello Everyone,

I am not sure at all that this is a GPO problem but since the computers are
hanging at applying the computer group policy settings , I am being charged
to fix the problem.  Has anyone out there experienced this? Do you have any
ideas for me? I already downloaded the latest NIC driver thinking th at was
the problem but it did not fix it.   Also, of course, it doesn 't happen on
all of the machines .  I t does happen o n a large enough number that it is
critical to get a resolution.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Mary Collingwood 

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