[gptalk] Re: Group Policy/AD delegation issueq

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  • Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 14:41:16 -0400

Thanks for the information Omar.  I disabled the policy and force an
update on the server.  I added group1 to the Remote Desktop Users group
on the server.  Still, when I attempt to login as one of the users in
the group, I receive the message that the "to login to the computer, you
must be granted the Allow to log on through Terminal Services right."
Something is not right here.  I have group1 setup exactly as Domain
Admins.  Full control on the computer object in AD, group1 added to the
Remote users on the remote tab in server properties.  Any ideas???


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Did you check on the machine the policy applied to that the remote
desktop checkbox was indeed checked and grayed out to verify that the
policy was indeed applied?


Next I would verify that the either the firewall on the machine in
questions is either disabled or allows the remote desktop protocol- even
many new Antivirus products have firewalls built in and can restrict
this function.


So I would 1st verify that it works without the GPO then uncheck the
checkbox- apply the GPO and try again.




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Subject: [gptalk] Group Policy/AD delegation issueq


What I am attempting to do:  Create an AD group that has Full control of
a specific server in an OU and can remote into this server only within
the OU (for software installation).


What I have done and tried:  I have a group in AD called group1 with 2
members.  This group has been added to the security tab of a server,
called server1 with Full control.  I created a GPO called test and
defined the "Allow Login through Terminal Services" and to group1.
Within the scope, I applied the policy to the OU with server1 in it, and
added the server1 to the security filter.


This did not work for some reason.  I even went as far as logging into
server1 and adding group1 to the remote users group to no avail.


What am I missing????  I know that it is probably something really

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