[gptalk] Re: Group Policy and Vista Firewall

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Well 1st- what issues are you having with the GPO and Vista?
2nd- What exactly are you doing in your FW policy? Just curious since it 
applying to all workstations and servers on your network
3rd- If placing the FW GPO is correct at the domain level, log on to the Vista 
machine, open GPMC and create the a new policy with the same settings and 
replace the existing one.
Policies created on Vista workstations will be backward compatible as far as 
functionality goes- but you should not administer those policies using GP 
editor or GPMC from any other operating system except vista and Windows Server 

Creating the GPO on Vista may help resolve any compatibility issues you are 
having on the vista workstations- and it should continue to work on the XP 
machines as you have in place with the current policy.
As far as WMI filter goes- I have had better luck with inclusions rather than 
exclusions. I would do something like:
"Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem where Caption = "Microsoft Windows XP 
Hope that helps,


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I seem to be having some issues with Vista and Group Policy. Looking at the 
policy in place, we have a Windows XP Firewall policy applied at the root of 
the domain. Not sure if that is the best way to apply, so im looking for 
I thought about making a WMI filter to make this Group Policy only be applied 
to XP machines. Would that be a viable option? Here is what I have for my 
filter (Still learning on how to make WMI filters and script as well) 
SELECT * FROM Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE BuildNumber !="6000"
I was thinking to, can I make this better?

I appreciate the help.

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