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Sorry, I meant that the service is required for successful GP processing. In
other words, it must be running. Basically it's the thing that deals with
converting a DFS share (i.e. SYSVOL) into something that Windows understands
(i.e. a UNC)




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Can you elaborate on 


-- Disabled TCP/IP Netbios helper service (required for GP)


What do you mean by this?


Why is disabling that service required for GP?  What is it that that service


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Quick question-is this impacting both per-computer and per-user policy or
just per-computer? There's a bunch of reasons for those errors. All of them
come down to the workstation being unable to read the contents of AD or
SYSVOL related to the GPO. Since you say you've eliminated DNS as the
problem, here are a couple of other reasons.


-- Disabled TCP/IP Netbios helper service (required for GP)

-- Failed SYSVOL replication on the DC where the client is grabbing policy
(run GPOTool.exe to see if this is an issue)

-- Permissions are tweaked on SYSVOL part of GPO such that computer or user
does not have perms. To read them.



Those are starting points. Let us know if none of those show up and we can
go from there.




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Good mourning,

                       I am new to this mailing list and would like to ask
your help on a problem I have been having with Group Policies, I have
searched the internet but none of the results have helped. First I have two
domain controllers running 2003 R2 and all XP2 workstation on a single
domain with dell workstations 650&670 (this is a classified network so there
is no outside connectivity). All of the workstation are logging the same
error (userenv 1030 Windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy
objects. A message that describes the reason for this was previously logged
by the policy engine.) It makes no difference if I log on as a user or an
administrator the error is still generated. I have run netdiag, dcdiag with
no errors. I have also enabled the userenv log and have found the following
errors (USERENV(2d8.150) 08:05:38:720 ProcessGPOs: GetGPOInfo failed). I
have run Group Policy results wizard and these are the results (see
attached). I have tried updating the Ethernet drivers to no avail. 


 It seems like a problem with permissions or maybe DNS, but the permissions
seem to me to be correct and there are no errors within DNS which is AD
integrated, can any see anything that I am missing or have not looked for.



Thank You 




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