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When you set up the policy using IE Maintenance policy you are actually 
modifying IE's live config on the machine where you edit the policy. So its not 
GP that is being delivered to you but instead you've actualy changed that 
machine's IE config by editing the policy from that machine.

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Hi - 
I am trying to implement a GP that will limit acess to a "safe list" of
websites via Internet Explorer Content Avisor. 
I have setup the Group of users that will be covered by this and the GP
that controls it. The policy applies OK when I login as a test user. I
then logout of my PC and back in as myself and the policy is still in
place. I can't work out why the Policy appears to be left in place when
the test user logs out. Can anyone suggest why the policy appears to
stay inplace when an unaffested user logs in?

Many thanks
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