[gptalk] Re: Group Policies and long login times.

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Thanks Doug for the link. Does this just need to be set on the clients and when 
they attempt to talk to the server over TCP it will just respond or do I need 
to set this on the DCs also? 


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  Here is one of the things we have found to cause slow logons in our 





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  I previously posted a question on the newsgroups and thought I would bring it 
here as I haven't gotten a good answer yet and it "sort of" involves Group 
policy. I don't think that is my total problem, but need to get my head around 
this problem and figure out what I might be able to do to fix it (if anything). 


  We have 2 actual offices where the majority of our employees are located. But 
we also have currently 3 remote locations where there is a "random" employee 
(there are 3-4 that go between the offices). These users have laptops so they 
can move freely as needed. They all connect over a VPN connection back to our 
main office. 


  The agency users roaming profiles and they had My Documents set up to be 
redirected to a server ( I am tweaking the location but it appears to be fine 
overall). I have added a new GPO since I got here for myself currently to 
redirect my Desktop. I haven't touched Application data as of yet. 


  But when either I or anyone else logs in remotely it seems to take forever 
(in some cases 20+ minutes). One of the "answers" I got when I inquired about 
whether I might have something set up wrong in regards to these redirects as I 
thought by doing that I would be helping to speed up the process of logging 
in/out. Was that it still copies the files back and forth (sync) with the login.


  We have the users save stuff either on Network shares or my Documents. I am 
thinking that MyDocuments is a bad place to store stuff, even though its 
redirected? My end goal is to have very little, if any, user data on the actual 
laptop, for archival and security purposes (health care info is what we deal 


  Thoughts? Are my policies causing issues? 




  Previously Posted on MS Newsgroups...

  I am trying to figure out if I missed something when this on our 
  network. I have a couple new laptop users that I just turned loose and 
  I am trying to install a printer for one remotely. The logon time is 
  taking forever. I have my desktop and mydocuments folders being 
  redirected. Shouldn't that speed up the logins? Or am I missing 
  something with how this works? 

  The only thing I haven't redirected yet is Application Data. Thoughts? 

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