[gptalk] Re: GPOs not Applying

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  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 13:34:56 -0500

It's some additional registry settings to kill the offline address book
for outlook.  


I enabled verbose logging referencing 




but don't see any additional info in the userenv.


I saw some

USERENV(1b4.2e8) 06:47:27:250 PolicyChangedThread: UpdateUser failed
with 6.


So I adjusted the GP timeout.  No change.


Dan Conrad 
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What types of user settings are you trying to apply? As an additional
troubleshooting step it may be worth enabling verbose userenv logging
and posting the relevant portion of the log file here.





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Subject: [gptalk] GPOs not Applying

I'm troubleshooting an issue with a site of approximately 2000 users.
The problem is certain GPOs (specifically with user settings) will not
apply to the users.  As a troubleshooting step I've created a TEST OU
and placed a test user and a test computer in the OU.  I then linked a
GPO with user settings to the OU.   GPUpdate runs successfully and
GPRESULT shows it in the correct OU but the user does not receive the
GPO.  Group Policy Modeling shows the same a RSOP and GPRESULT.

I copied the test user.  The copy gets the GPO.

There is no filtering in place for this GPO.  

ICMP to the DC is good. 

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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