[gptalk] Re: GPO not getting distributed?

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 07:41:40 +1100

Hi Dustin,


Welcome to the world of Group Policy Management! It will both amaze and
frustrate you!


It does sound that you have a dodgy version of wuau.adm. Try opening the
file using Notepad and see if it is a readable text file. Also open another
one and see if it is a similar style.


Having said that, ADM files play no part in applying policies. They are only
used by GPMC when viewing Admin Template settings. Basically GPMC reads the
Registry.Pol file (which contains all of the settings) and uses the ADM file
to display it in a meaningful way.


To fix that problem I think if you replace it with a correct version. You
should be able to go to
-AD4A-BBF3802A5C9B&displaylang=en> &displaylang=en to get it.


So, what is your real problem? Distribution of the GPO's is usually not a
problem; it is more likely to be the application of the policy. You could
try explaining exactly what is going wrong, or else you could dive in
yourself and try to analyze the UserEnv.log that is written when processing
Group Policy. The former is probably quicker but the latter is more fun and
you will learn more!  Unfortunately the log is a bit hard to read, but I
have a free program that you can download and use (see below) . The first
thing you have to do is activate logging (the program gives you a button to
do this) then reboot the machine and view the log via my program. It shows
all of the steps involved in Group Policy processing and may highlight the
problem. You can always post the log up here and we can check it out for


Best of luck


Ps. You can also go to Darren's web site which has a lot of resources on
Group Policies, but you probably know that already since you are in this
News group. www.gpoguy.com <http://www.gpoguy.com/>  


Alan Cuthbertson



 Policy Management Software:-



ADM Template Editor:-



Policy Log Reporter(Free)








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Hi everyone,

      I am sort of a novice to Windows Server GPO.  I have installed the
GPMC because it seems like my GPO settings are not getting distributed, and
the GPMC says that "'C:\WINDOWS\inf\wuau.adm' is not in a valid format, and
it needs to be replaced." The error it says is that "A string is expected at
line 0".  


This error appears under both sets of "Administrative Templates" in all GPOs


Would this cause my GPO to not get distributed and applied?


Regardless of if it is, how do I take care of this problem?


Thanks in advance,



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