[gptalk] Re: GPO .msi installation wont uninstall..

  • From: "Ray Lewis" <razor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 18:29:45 +0100

Apologies to those who couldn?t read the original email - seems my webmail
text editor spat its dummy - see below:

Thomas, there are three software packages:

 * Specops Inventory client side extension v.3.5.7
 * Specops Inventory client side extension v.3.6.0 
 * Specops Deploy Client side extension 

We trialled the software some time ago but my company decided not to go with
the packages at this time and will possibly refer back at a later date. I
have contacted the vendors and liaised with one of their tech guys to no
avail.. I understand Thorbjörn Sjövold visits this board and is the original
"builder" of these .msi' so his input would really be appreciated, but any
ideas from all you guys would be a massive bonus. 



Hello all - Little dilemma?

Some time ago, I pushed an .msi installation via Computer Configuration >
Software Settings > Software Installation within one of my GPO? which
consequently worked fine? 
However, the GPO was deleted and now I want to remove the software from my
client machines. I scripted an msiexec.exe command using the /x & /passive
switch pointing to the original .msi files which should take care of things
nicely (pushed using startup script). But, the un-installation script won?t
work because the original .msi package must have been built with ?install
for this user only? ? which now consequently wont let you uninstall it
despite what permissions you have on the client!

Any ideas how this should be tackled ? which account would GP have used to
install the original .msi? 


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