[gptalk] Re: GPO applicability when not connected to a network/domain

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Thanks for joining the list. Unfortunately, I don't have good news for you.
Policy is not applied if a computer is not in contact with a DC. So, there
is no way (other than Windows Firewall profiles) to have conditional
policies in effect based on being on or off the network. Even mucking with
the local GPO won't work for domain joined PCs because if those PCs are not
in contact with a DC, they simply ignore any changes you try to make to the
local GPO (to preserve domain precedence).


Sorry about that. One thing you can probably do is write a script that
enables and disables the proxy and put a shortcut to it on their desktop,
with instructions to use it when they are at home. I've done that sort of
thing in the past and, while not elegant, works.



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"GPO Guy",

Thank you for the great website!...VERY informative!


I was wondering if you could lead me to the Microsoft documentation (and if
you could answer) explaining if GPOs get applied to computers (laptops) not
connected to a domain/network. I have set some IE settings for our
organization, and have a group that use laptops and work remotely (from
home) at times. I want them to be able to not have the proxy configurations
while not connected to the network. Is there a way to configure GP to not
apply when not connected to the network (other than creating a local policy
setting for IE)?

Thanks for all your help!


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