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The part of the article that talks about the impact of GPOs that implement 
multiple CSEs is important for performance if you make regular changes to your 
GPOs. Beyond that the biggest impact will be the  kinds of things you do in 
your GPOs. Namely, things like re-permissioning large file or registry trees 
can really slow things down. But again remember that GP does nothing during a 
given cycle if nothing has changed, so relatively static environments should 
not have performance issues related to GP.

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Brown noser. 


Just kidding of course. Thank you very much. I am going through it now.


Any other suggestions are appreciated.


Jonathan Finkbiner


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In terms of good reading material Darren's article from the January
issue of TechNet Magazine is the best thing out there in my opinion

Optimizing Group Policy Performance


On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Jonathan Finkbiner
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I am trying to troubleshoot/optimize login times across the network. I
have done some work to our login scripts and I feel like I have them
optimized to the point where they can't be made faster. Since the change
there have been fewer reports of long login times but I have heard, and
observed some of issues still occurring. I was wondering if anyone had
some tips or some good reading material relating to optimizing GPOs for
quick logins. I feel like the GPOs that we have setup here may be the
issue. Maybe I have too many? Maybe I don't have policies grouped
together appropriately? Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


Jonathan Finkbiner <mailto:jfinkbiner@xxxxxxx> 

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