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The way you are filtering on the name though, you’re only saying the last 
character cannot be L or T. This is different than saying the last 2 characters 
can’t be LT.


Try this and see if it helps:


Select * From Win32_ComputerSystem Where Name Like "%[^Ll][^Tt]”


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Hi everyone

I'm trying to filter a GPO using a WMI query. My goal is to have one policy 
only apply to desktops and one only apply to laptops. I understand that there 
is currently no really good method of doing this by querying hardware (and that 
a contest exists) :-). Fortunately, our naming standard appears to accomodate. 
All laptops end with "LT."

So, when I run a query for Select * From Win32_ComputerSystem Where Name Like 
"%LT"    ----  I get the desired result when I log in to a laptop with a name 
ending in LT. The policy applies. When I log into a computer that does not end 
with LT, the GPO is filtered out and denied. 

Now - to do the opposite, I'm having problems. I want to filter based on 
computers NOT named "%LT" - My goal in doing so is to have a policy ONLY apply 
to workstations (which do not end with LT in their name) --- So, I have tried: 
Select * From Win32_ComputerSystem Where Name Like "%[^LT]" ---- This works for 
me on Vista, but not on Windows XP SP2 workstations. When testing from a 
command prompt - on a workstation not ending with LT - I am able to validate 
that the "%[^LT]" exclusion is not working on XP workstations vs. it working on 
a Vista workstation using  the following command: wmic path 
win32_ComputerSystem WHERE (Name like "%[^LT]") get Name. 

So, it feels like I'm in the right neighborhood. I suspect that the Syntax 
might need to be different on XP, but I've already tried variations to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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