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First off, you probably need to figure out why the remote site is not
replicating SYSVOL correctly. Second, you will need to reconcile the
differences between the two. Try to stick to always using the PDCe for
changes. If you make a change to that GPO from the PDCe, and get it the way
you want it, it should then replicate to the remote site and overwrite the
errant changes that were made there.




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Hi All,

  We have a few remote sites in our org.


We have started to notice that a few GPO's are not replicating correctly
when a change is made, no matter if wait a whole day.  We suspect that there
have been edit happen in two places before the replication service could
update either sites.


An example is a workstation GPO we have.  Our AD PDE shows 43 (AD), 43
(sysvol) but the remote site is sitting at 43 (AD), 42 (sysvol).  The GPO
would have been edited in both sites at some stage.


Is there anyway to correct these conflicts?



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