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That policy (Always install elevated) only applies to MSI installations that
are un-managed (i.e. not deployed via GP). As such, its probably not a good
idea, from a security perspective, to enable that policy unless you really
really need to.


Any software deployed via GP is automatically elevated (either per-computer
or per-user). However, there are circumstances when settings within
individual MSI packages will try to thwart this (e.g. by requiring that only
administrators can install).  But normally, GP-deployed packages are already




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Hi All,

  I would like to ask the experts about GPO software deployments.  


Currently I have software being deployed via MSI/MST computer based GP's
which are linked to the computers OU. 

In the GPO I have set Windows installer for standard logging and enabled
"Always install with elevated privileges".  Does having this privilege -
even though only applied to the computer allow a user (who is just a domain
user) to install software.  I have only found conflicting advice using


Is this a recommended setting for deploying software?  We only use computer
targeted software deployments rather than publishing to a user.



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