[gptalk] GPO Processing in VISTA - the whole new can of worms....no adms, now just admx files

  • From: "Mills, Mark" <Mark.Mills@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 15:07:09 -0500

My question:  Do I have to create a duplication of every Windows 2003
policy used for my WinXP Clients and place it in the new "Central Store"
used by Vista Clients for Group Policies. (The "Central Store" is a new
directory you have to manually create on your domain controller at
%systemroot%\sysvol\domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions, which also has a
subfolder "en-us)


I was successfully able to create the new "Central Store" and copied the
new .ADMX files over to it from my VISTA RC1 pc.  (note- Vista does not
use .ADM files) Since all VISTA clients now have the Group Policy
Management Editor installed by default I fired up GPMC.msc on my Vista
RC1 pc, at which point it automatically connects to the Primary Domain
Controller of a domain. 


I had created a new OU called Vista Test, with sub OU's of Vista User,
and Vista Computer.  Since most of my Win2k3 \ WinXP Group policies
would not work correctly on the VISTA pc I created a new "User -Mapped
drives- Logon script" Group Policy Object (using the same logon script
that I currently use for my  2003\XP environment)   and applied it to
the "Vista User"  OU, I then created a new "user - Assign Printers to
specific computers"  Group Policy that uses loop back processing and
applied it to the Vista Computer OU.  Now my Vista Box and its
associated user get both the mapped drives and assigned printers.


Bottom line is that I had to re-create 2 existing GPO's.  Do I have to
recreate all GPO's for any future Vista clients? Is there any problem
with 1)linking a GPO for mapping drives on a XP PC and also 2) linking a
GPO for mapping drives on a Vista PC...TO THE SAME OU?  Because I don't
plan on creating separate OU's exclusively for Vista pc's.


If you haven't heard about the changes in Vista Group Policy you may
want to review:


Microsoft's Step by Step Guide for Vista Group Policy: (this is a must
read! Do it now if you administer GP) 



Lab walk through of setting up Vista Group Policy 



Mark Mills


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