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Wow thank you so much for that.
I’ll have a good read through and setup a test on one machine at first.
So kind of you to go to all this trouble, thank you J
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Hi Katy
I’m not sure, but I don’t think that you can configure Outlook settings through 
GPO’s, but here goes for your Proxy and Desktop settings:
For a start you will want to install GPMC, it provides an easier view to Group 
policies. You cannot compile a new GPO with it, but from there you will be able 
to link existing gpo’s to you company OU’s.
1.)    Download and install the GPMC . 
2.)    Run mmc and add the Group Policy Management snap-in.
3.)     Browse to your forest, domains and select the level that you want to 
apply the GPO to. (Typically you will have servers and user machines in 
different OU’s so that you can apply GPO’s independently. )  
4.)    Right click the level you want to apply the GPO to and select  “Create 
and link a new gpo here”.
5.)    Select a name for your new GPO for ex. Internet access.
6.)    Right-click and edit the newly created GPO
7.)    This will launch gpedit.msc and you can browse to the settings I will 
specify below.
8.)    Change the settings according to your requirements.
9.)    There is no saving the GPO, once a setting has been changed, it will be 
saved on the domain controller.
Internet settings:
                User configuration  -  Windows settings  -  Internet explorer 
maintenance  - connection  -  proxy settings
                User configuration  -  Administrative templates  -  desktop.
Try to keep the amount of settings down to a minimum for one GPO, don’t add all 
settings to one GPO as this will make it difficult to troubleshoot later. 
The GPO’s should update every 30mins, but you can force the update on a client 
machine(testing) for Windows XP: gpupdate /force
                                              Windows 2000: secedit 
/refreshpolicy machine_policy /enforce
Secedit /refreshpolicy user_policy /enforce 
Also, logging onto the machine or rebooting will force a policy update. 
To check the policies that are being applied on a user’s machine do a gpresult. 
Thank you
Henry  Botha     
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Integr8 IT (Pty) Ltd
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Subject: [gptalk] GPO Newgirl!
Please help me!
I’ve been given a project to standardise about 45 machines and 2 Terminal 
servers over a weekend and I think that using Group Policy is my best option, 
although I have no experience with it at all so am a bit scared!
What we have:
Windows 2003 terminal servers
Laptops/Desktops mostly XP but a few Win2000.  
Office 2000, Outlook 2003 (a couple of Outlook 2000’s)
What I have to do:
Desktop Settings:
Rollout new company logo to each machine and force it as desktop
Force Marquee screensaver with the same comment on each machine
Microsoft Word:
Force Template path
Force standard font/size/styles
Disable signatures
Force Spell Checker on
Force standard font for new emails and replies
Internet Explorer (some with v6 and a few v7):
Change connection settings from Automatic to a Proxy server with exceptions
Force a new default home page
I just have no idea where to start with all this so would love your advice 
Thank you so much
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