[gptalk] Re: GPMC PC hanging w/error

  • From: Steven <usersend@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 15:46:20 -0400

That seems to be absolutely right. If it is happening on two different
machines the problem might be else where. I did have a problem with a
specific up date. it caused all management to stop working, I could not
remote into the machines it effected and it just made the machine slow in
general. The update was 902400. Once I removed that update all went back to

Otherwise I will keep digging for you.

On 5/9/07, Collingwood.Mary <Mary.Collingwood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Thanks Steve,

The PC is Xpsp2.  I am rebuilding one now.  If RDP is corrupting the GPMC
driver does it make sense that it happened on two different machines
with-in a short period of time? I'm wondering now if it is some patch that
got installed.  When someone needs the console and someone else is logged
into it; we send an email asking them to log out when they're done, so theone 
logon rule is being followed.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll report back if it works.


Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 12:28:18 -0400

From: Steven <usersend@xxxxxxxxx>

Subject: [gptalk] Re: GPMC PC hanging w/error


The fact that you moved to a different machine and the problem re-occurred

eventually makes me think that the problem is not at the workstation but

rather on the focused DC. However, I did run into this problem once before

but error message was slight different. My problem was that the drivers

the GPMC (SP1) where being corrupted by an RDP session. I never found an

explanation for this but I rebuilt the PC and the problem never showed up


Also, you mentioned that the machine where you are storing your ADM's was

remoted into. Was this a WinXP or server? If it was XP, there is only one

logon of RDP allowed. So, when you logged onto the console that should

gracefully log off the other user. if this is the case, is is possible

the other user was/is not being logged off correctly (ie. not releasing

registry hive)?

If this is a server, are you running Terminal Services or just using RDP

management? Could you post a log entry or two? preferably from System and

Application? Thanks.

I have been having a problem with the PCs that I install the GPMCsp1
onto.  We keep one PC for the console so that all policy settings come from
the same place.  At first I thought that the error I was getting was due to
the fact that I was using a Dell GX270 PC with a capacitor problem on the
motherboard.  The board was replaced and I went for a week or so before I
got the error again.  "Error connecting to existing session for UserID
(Id0) a device attached to the system is not functioning."

I then installed the GPMCsp1 and transferred all my ADMs to an HP D530.
That was about a week and a half ago.  I just got the error message again.
This error usually occurs when someone is remoted into the PC; it freezes
up.   The only way to get the PC workable is to hard boot it.  A few weeks
ago this caused corruption because a GPO was open for editing at the time.
I looked at the MS site to see if there was a new version of GPMC and found
none, our servers have recently been updated to Windows2003sp2.  Does anyone
have any ideas as to why this is happening? Is there a GPMC sp2 and I'm just
not seeing it?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

*******Mary Collingwood*

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