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Good info Jerry. I had to ask MS about this when I couldn't find the
programming references! 


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Environment Vista Enterprise+SP1 and RSAT Tools. 


Activate the GPMC 'Feature'

Control Panel | Programs and Features | [Click] 'Turn Windows features on or
off' | Remote Server Administration Tools | Feature Administration Tools |
Group Policy Management Tools


Download and Install the 'Group Policy Management Console Sample Scripts'



In previous versions of the GPMC.CHM 'help' file, there was a section within
the Help file on programming the GPMC (the Group Policy Management Console
Reference) and a section which listed every MS provided script and it's
syntax (Group Policy Management Console Scripting Samples).


In Vista (on my PC), the GPMC.CHM file is located within the
C:\Windows\Help\mui\0409 folder. You can open it there directly or from
within the GPMC console using the Help menu. When browsing to find script
information, all you will see is a link to the 'Group Policy Management
Console Sample Scripts' link (as noted above). 


Installing the scripts creates the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Group
Policy\GPMC Sample Scripts folder and places all the scripts there. However,
there is no file describing the scripts and their syntax included. There is
also no local file describing the GPMC programming interface that used to be
included in the help file.


MS removed these for Vista/SW8 and, apparently, placed them up on MSDN. Here
are the appropriate links (at least until Microsoft updates them).


Group Policy Management Console Reference

(GPMC Object Model , GPMC Interfaces, Using Language Filtering in the GPMC
Reference )



Group Policy Management Console Scripting Samples



Jerry Cruz | Group Policies Product Manager | Infrastructure Architect |
Boeing IT





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