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My comments in-line below:


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For distributing software to computers or users please visit the
www.microsoft.technet site and search there a bit.
You can only publish or assign software. You really don't need a video for
this one :) 
You need to remember which options you can use with a User or with a
Computer. Maybe Darren can quickly answer it or make a tabsheet of it :)
Hans Straat


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I sat my 70-294 exam last week but was unsuccessful, there were several
question that I did not know the answers to about GPO



If the SYSVOL folder became corrupt, you had a copy of the policies file and
could see the GPO's in AD, how would you recover (pick two).


A, in the SYSVOL folder create folder "DOMAIN", Create "Policies" folder,
Create {6AC1786C-016F-11D2-945F-00C04fB984F9}, Create Machine and User.


B, in the SYSVOL folder create another "sysvol" folder, create folder
"DOMAIN", Create "Policies" folder, Create
{6AC1786C-016F-11D2-945F-00C04fB984F9}, Create Machine and User.


C, In AD browse to and open the policy file and close them


D, in AD browse to and open, the policy file make a change and save them


[Darren] This is a very strange question. None of these would be acceptable
ways of recovering a corrupt GPO or  SYSVOL. A would be the only one that
might work, but you are generally not supposed to manually copy files into
an FRS share like that, esp if there are FRS replication problems to begin
with. B is not a correct folder path and C & D are completely meaningless. I
have no idea what "In AD browse to and open the policy file"  means. 



If you have 3 GPO's linked to an OU, I think the GPO at the bottom of the
list (ie No3) is processed first then No2 and then No1, is this correct?


[Darren] If you are talking about the order that they appear in GPMC, then
you are correct.




I know this isn't really GPO stuff but if you are in the Schema manager and
you make a class active and the class does not appear in the attributes
container. How do you make it easily searchable and add it to the Global
catalog, normally you can find it in the attributes container right click it
select properties and select it there, is there some setting hidden in the
class that needs setting?


[Darren] You can create an index on an attribute and add it to the GC from
the same dialog---as you mentioned-from the attributes container in Schema
Manager. You do not perform this operation on a class. Only attributes can
be indexed or added to the GC.



Last question I promise


Is there any information (Videos) about deploying software to
Computers/Users using GPO?


Thank you for all of your help






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