[gptalk] Re: GP to add a machine license

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  • Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 22:00:22 +0100



I think I know what you mean - but I'm not sure. As I understand it you have
some license information you want to "force" onto you clients. You'd need to
know what registry settings are required (I's guessing here) - probably HKLM
as you describe it? This could be done with Group Policy by using the
RegToAdm tool (http://yizhar.mvps.org) - if you have a REG file (or else
export from the registry).


Another option would be to use a Startup Script on the Computer
Configuration part of a GPO (maybe calling the REG file). Also, with Group
Policy Preferences (soon available for WS2003/2008 domains) could do the job
I guess.


Please tell me if I misunderstood you question.



/Jakob H. Heidelberg


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I need to know if I am able to add a machine license using group policy.  I
have the information of the license where in GP would I add it.  I do know
that if I do not figure this out I will have to install this with admin
rights.  When there are alot of users granting admin rights to all of them
is just wrong.

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