[gptalk] Re: GP not applied

  • From: "Delaney, Doug" <doug.delaney@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 16:21:36 -0400

this one did not apply... (Access denied - or at least not allowed)
USERENV(2b4.8cc) 14:44:20:225 ProcessGPO:
USERENV(2b4.8cc) 14:44:20:225 ProcessGPO:  Searching
USERENV(2b4.8cc) 14:44:20:225 ProcessGPO:  User does not have access to
the GPO and so will not be applied.
This one applied... but failed
USERENV(2b4.8cc) 14:44:20:225 ProcessGPO:
USERENV(2b4.8cc) 14:44:20:240 ProcessGPO:
USERENV(2b4.8cc) 14:44:20:240 ProcessGPO:  Searching
USERENV(2b4.8cc) 14:44:20:240 ProcessGPO:  User has access to this GPO.
USERENV(2b4.8cc) 14:44:20:240 ProcessGPO:  Found file system path of:
USERENV(2b4.8cc) 14:44:20:240 ProcessGPO:  Couldn't find the group
policy template file
F51C}\gpt.ini>, error = 0x547.
can you provide a gpresult /v > gp.txt file?
Check that the GPO is linked to the OU where the user ID exists.
Check the permissions of the GPO to ensure it is applied to the user or
a group the user is a member of or is applied to authenticated users.
Make sure the User ID has rights to any NTFS areas the GPO is referecing
(logon script, application package, etc.)

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        Subject: [gptalk] Re: GP not applied
        Okay, here are userenv.log and gpedit.log.  I'm looking at them
as well, but please let me know what you see.  As I've said before, I'm
new to all this GPO stuff.  I was really happy when it was working over
here, I'd just like to know why it's not working now that I've moved the
        On 8/24/06, Darren Mar-Elia <darren@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

                You might try enabling verbose userenv logging on one of
those problem users, and then post the results here. 


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                Subject: [gptalk] Re: GP not applied
                I had other test users (1-5) and they worked in the lab
and are not now.  Here's a strange one, if I log in as someone who is
just a domain admin, the GPOs apply correctly.  If I log in as a newly
created user, nothing works.  If I make that user a domain admin,
nothing works. 
                On 8/24/06, Darren Mar-Elia <darren@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

                        So, are you saying that you had a DC on an
isolated subnet and now its on your production network, and a client on
that network that is part of that DC's domain is not getting user policy
as expected? If so, then make sure that the GPOs you're trying to
deliver are linked in such a way that the user test6 will process them.
The fact that a domain admin account gets the policies tells me that the
policies may not be linked to a place in your AD tree that test6 will
get them. 


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gptalk-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:gptalk-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> ] On
Behalf Of Gray Troutman
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                        Subject: [gptalk] GP not applied
                        Hey folks,
                        Well, I just moved the DC from the lab to the
network and it no longer applies the GPOs.  I can join the domain and
log in with no problem, but the policies are  not applied.  If I run
gpresult, I get "INFO: The user "CMHWM\test6" does not have RSOP data."

                        Two things:  One, I changed the domain server
name.  Two, I get the policies if I log in as a domain admin, but not as
a user.
                        Any ideas what I screwed up here?

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